The MoHSS Data Dictionary

The MoHSS Data Dictionary (DD) has been developed to support the coordination and flow of information in Nambia’s Health Management Information System (HMIS). Critical HMIS components contained within the DD are aligned to international standards and best practice. Content is made available in multiple electronic formats for the purpose of facilitating data standardization, exchange and interoperability across electronic health systems. The Namibian DD contains the most up-to-date versions of data sets described as health indicators, data elements and the associated validation rules. The DD also provides electronic access to the entire HMIS master facility list of Namibia.

The MoHSS Data Dictionary and its Use

The Data Dictionary supports health programmes, administrators and donors by enabling information governance processes such as data planning, reviewing and coordination. The Data Dictionary also supports interoperability by providing electronic access to the following HMIS components:

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